One-touch cooking with no need for monitoring or cooking skills! Our Pressure Cooker can handle all the pressures of the kitchen and prepare your favorite meals while you go about your day.

Save a lot of stress-free hours slaving inside the kitchen. Thanks to the Pressure Cooker, you can just pop all the ingredients in and go about your day - no need to spend so much time cooking each dish and cleaning all the cookware you used.

6L Pressure Cooker

Full Accessory Kit

14-in-1 Appliance
Our Pressure Cooker can do it all: Deep fryer, bake, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, stew, sterilizer, essence extractor, steamer, sous vide, double boiler, rice cooker, open lid cooking, black garlic/ferment, and slow cooker.

With our Pressure Cooker being a multifunctional appliance, you can save so much room in your kitchen by eliminating the need to purchase multiple appliances to do the same tasks that this is capable of doing for you.

The instant pressure release button makes it safe and easy for you to wrap up your cooking session and start eating. It also makes healthier meals by locking in the nutrients with the pressure-seal cooking system.