About Us

Since 27 years ago, La Gourmet has never wavered from its twin core principles of “Conserve Energy” and “Healthy Living.” We bring that same mindset and principle to the Philippines.

We are champion of our belief that healthy cooking requires healthy and safe cooking tools to create healthy living. Cooking is a great tool to create family bonding as “the family/friends who eat together stay together” We believe that customers needs come first. We listen to our customers, what cooking results they want? The kind of food they are cooking? Their style of cooking? And their needs?With that in mind, we will introduce the elements most suitable for their cooking style.

La gourmet is a brand that cares and believes in providing innovative cooking tools that will save time for the “working mum”, “moms at home”, “Chef at home” so they can free their precious time for what serves them productively.

Moving into the 21st century, La Gourmet realised that we can do much more to reduce our carbon footprint as climatic change is affecting adversely the whole ecological system of the planet. We add on to our core principle of “Conserve Energy” with a greater emphasis on “Embrace Eco-Living with La Gourmet”.

La Gourmet has come out with many innovative energy and time saving products that will help our customers and us to walk the Eco journey of reducing Carbon footprint. We believe we need to relook at the ways we consume.